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This is a five stage registration process. The complete registration should take approximately 10-15 minutes. You will be unable to view other Indego Club member profiles until you register.

You don't have to tell us everything now if you don't want to, but we do need the fields marked * to get you started. Here's why we ask for the information - By law, a UK tour operator has to fulfill certain obligations to you the customer. Indego Club also make it their responsibility to really know their members to give you the reassurance of travelling with other members. See Question 6 of our FAQs to find out more.


- While we are working towards Ipad and Smartphone compatability for registration, the photo-upload is not yet available. It is best to complete your Indego Club registration via a PC or laptop.
- You can complete this profile in stages. As long as you complete Stage 1 below, you will have created a log-on. Your profile will not be visible however until you have agreed to our Terms and Conditions in Stage 5.

Part 1: The basics

Part 1: The basics

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