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1) Why is Indego-Club different from other package travel tour operators?

Indego Club are an exclusive members club with comprehensive member profiles held on our systems. Indego's website enables our members to view the profiles of the people who have already signed up to our holidays prior to booking, and, after booking, trip members can hook into the world of social networking through our Group Blog zone.

2) What is the Group Blog zone?

The Group Blog zone is an area in which all holiday members can discuss trip arrangements, travel plans, get to know each other and potentially organise further sporting activities together in advance of their trip.

3) How is membership to Indego Club controlled?

Ideally to become a member of Indego Club you need to be recommended by an existing member. Indego Club directors will review all applicants' online profiles, and in some cases speak to the member who has referred you to the Club. We regret that not all applications will be successful.

4) Can I join if I have not been recommended by an existing member?

Yes. But you may need to meet in person or speak on the phone with an Indego Club director (as well as complete the online profile), so that we get to know the real you.

5) Will my personal data be shared with other members or any third parties?

While you will have a public member profile which you will be required to sign off for use on our website, this will not show any contact details/personal information to other members. We will only pass on your data to third parties if this is connected and required in relation to you booking a trip with us. Otherwise, your personal information will only be used by Indego Club Ltd.

6) Why do you need so much of my personal information?

By law, a UK tour operator has to fulfill certain obligations to you the customer. Indego Club also make it their responsibility to really know their members to give you the reassurance of travelling with other members. Here's why we collect your personal information and what we might use it for:

Your email address - You will have specified the types of trips you are interested in during your registration. Indego Club may email you with details of trips that match your interests but we won't inundate you with stuff we know you won't want to see.
Your home address - If you book a trip with us, we may need to send your insurance voucher and further information by post.
Your phone number - If a new individual applies for membership and suggests you have recommended them, we may want to speak to you to ensure you are happy with them joining. Also, if you book a trip, we may need to speak to you about your selected itinerary.

7) How do membership fees work?

Members who join in our year of start-up (2012) will be classified as 'Founder Members' and will be exempt from membership fees in 2012 and in the years that follow. Members joining in 2013 and beyond will be charged a £50 annual membership fee. Unsuccessful applications for membership will not be charged. Membership fees will effectively be credited back to you in the form of a free activity to the value of £50 during your first holiday booking with us within the Membership Term. If you do not book a holiday during the Membership Term you will not be entitled to carry over the activity credit into subsequent years.

8) What criteria do I have to meet to be an Indego Club member?

There are no strict rules but we are looking for like-minded individuals so that we know our trips will be successful. We ideally look for those who are:

Sporty - Individuals who have a passion for sport or the outdoors. Those who get involved and don't sit on the sidelines.
- Those who keep themselves in shape and make an effort with appearance. That said, we don't look for models!
- Dynamic, outgoing and confident. An ability to laugh at yourself as well as with others and, importantly, a lust for life.
- Unfazed by going it alone, meeting new people and having the financial and personal freedom to adventure.

9) What is the age-group?

While there is no strict cut-off on age, Indego-Club is generally aimed at those mid twenties to early forties.

10) Is Indego-Club just for singles?

No. Indego Club welcomes couples or attached individuals to join but those in a relationship must declare their status within their profile.

11) Why should I join?

Here are a few situations which might resonate:

'I'm in a relationship but my partner doesn't like skiing/boarding but I'm still keen to go!'.

'I have a mate to go on holiday with but it might be a bit boring with just the two of us'.

'I'm in a relationship and I love holidays with my other half but we like different sports. The result of which means neither of us do what we really want to do as there's nobody to do it with'.

'I've always wanted to go to places like Mauritius but they're always aimed at couples and I'm single.'

'I'm single and I'm a bit past 18-30's holidays. I want a stylish holiday that gives me access to sport, cool people and a bit of luxury.'

'When I search for group holidays on the web, all I find is scenic coach trips for the over 60s or life challenges like climbing Kilimanjaro. I just want something that has a bit of luxury and sporting action'.

'I love the look of some of these bigger ski-chalets but I'm always worried about the financial risk of booking it and not being able to fill it'.

'All of our friends are starting to have kids so they don't come away to do the fun stuff with us anymore!'

12) Indego Club are not members of ABTA. Will my booking be safe?

Yes. We have taken out insolvency insurance underwritten by Towergate so you can be assured that we comply with UK Package Travel Regulations. Upon payment of your holiday in full, you will receive an insurance voucher. These arrangements mean that your money will be refunded to you in the unlikely event of our being unable to provide your holiday due to our insolvency.

13) How does the booking process work?

If you are keen to attend one of our holidays you will need to reserve your place by booking your trip. At this point, you will be required to pay a deposit. You will need to tell us at this stage whether you a) want to share a room with a member you know b) want to share a room with another member you don't know or c) would like your own room. You may also be required to select any activities which form part of your trip package. We will do our best to accommodate your requests and will liaise with you if necessary about your holiday booking. We require a certain number of participants and male/female ratio to hold the trip. While it is extremely unlikely that we will have to cancel a trip, we advise you to await confirmation from us regarding your holiday before booking any travel.

14) Will I pay more if I'm a single person booking on my own?

That depends on if you want your own room or are happy to share with another member. A discounted rate will apply to those who are happy to share a room with another member.

15) What happens if I chose to share a room but I don't already have someone to share with?

We will inform you as soon as possible if a room-share with another member can or cannot be arranged. If this cannot be arranged, it will be your choice whether you pay the single room rate or cancel your booking.

16) When should I book my flights or travel?

We advise that you do not book your travel until we have confirmed your booking. Indego Club cannot be held responsible for the costs of any travel arrangements which may for whatever reason need to be moved or cancelled.

17) Indego Club does not include flights in their trip costs? Why?

Because Indego Club extends membership to those outside the UK, we don't include travel in our pricings. Most of our members prefer to book their own flights and transport, but please note we will always have a representative to help with bookings as required.

18) Photo upload doesn't work from my Ipad or Smartphone? Why?

Please forgive us. Our web designers have been working long and hard to get this site launched. We don't yet have Ipad and Smartphone compatability for the photo upload section of the site. However, if you have any other technical issues, please email or phone Jules +44 7778197880 and we'll try to put things right.