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Marrakech - COMING SOON

Date: TBA

Marrakech is a fascinating mix of bustling medina activity, flavoursome dishes, plush and lavish luxurious interior decors, a range of exciting outdoor adventures and mostly all with the stunning backdrop of the Atlas mountains.

The itinerary, in pictures...

We are working with the beautiful Dar Nanka boutique hotel, Marrakech and Splash Morocco to create a carefully balanced 4 day trip between rest, relaxation, luxury and all important active Indego Club sporting adventure. The trip will include:

- Splash Morocco day excursion
- 1 x welcome dinner - 3 course meal at Dar Nanka
- 1 x optional evening at Jad Mahal restaurant, bar and club* (*at additional cost)

The hotel
You've won the lottery, bought a fabulous house and have employed staff! Well, that's how Dar Nanka makes you feel. It is truly exceptional. Mika and Nancy are the most wonderful hands-on owners who have not only done a wonderful job in making this a truly stunning chic boutique hotel but make you feel so very welcome. The rooms are fabulous - the attention to detail is credit to Nancy's great eye for interior decor.. but it's not just the rooms.. it's the way you feel staying here. Everything is so personal. The chef gets to know your likes and dislikes instantly and will even give you a cooking class should you so desire. If you fancy some chocolate, he'll even let you raid the fridge. If you're cold, they'll be blankets instantly to hand and log fires lit. The service is second to none. This really is a magnificent way to experience Marrakech.

Private travel?
If you want to travel to Dar Nanka privately, enjoy a 10% discount from online public rates. Email Jules.

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