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About Indego

Indego Club are a UK based membership club that combine member profiling and social networking with group travel. Open to worldwide members, we are an exclusive network of sporty, fit, fun and independent individuals seeking active holidays with a touch of class and other no frills, just fun events.

Our trips combine simple luxury with a dynamic approach to participating in sporting activities. For this reason, Indego isn't for everyone. We know we're a niche market but we want it to stay that way. We are selective about membership so that you can be confident of meeting people you'll want to holiday with and meet again. Offering complete transparency for our members, our website enables you to view the profiles of the people who have already signed up to our trips and events before you book. Once booked, you can chat to other members signed up to the trip through our Group Blog.

Indego specialises in a number of different holiday choices & a range of events:

Life in blue

Tropical sun, sea & sports

Black SLopes

Ski & board

WHite Sails

Yachts & catamarans

Good Green Fun

The great outdoors

Red Hot Events

No frills, just fun!

With groups numbering between approximately 8-25, made up of couples and singles, Indego's aim is simply to bring together like-minded people to first class locations, benefiting from the social aspects and economies of doing so.

Indego Club members benefit from various discounts with our preferred partners and pricing for singles is not prohibitive. While Indego does not include flights or transport to our locations in our trip packages, we will always have a representative on-site and prior to travel to help tailor your holiday to meet your specific needs.

Sporty, fit, fun and independent? Go travel with Indego Club.